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I'm called by many names. Really. My mom calls me like 5 different nicknames. But no matter. You can call me Raul Bunyan. I'm an alleged graphic designer. I love mythology, webcomics, videogames, ska music, feeling the world's breath like basking in the sunlight, drawing, among other things.

What's the deal with this place?

[ Rambling Imminent ]

Catgirls With Flashkicks as a concept started as a joke among my online fighting game group, since I was the guy who would, for some reason, always play the characters that were cat/monster-girls.

While it did start in concept as a catgirl-themed site, I eventually stopped playing fighting games as often as I did a couple of years ago, and while I wanted to diversify my options, the name was too good to change. Now you know why it's called that!

New Aurora (Mentioned in the HOME page) is the setting for a comic I wanna make, I'm still cooking up the details, so I'll probably update this page when i have something to show.

I plan to upload all of the wacky design/drawing stuff I make for fun and start a blog to talk about games and books I like, when I get to sit down and finish them, that is.

I'm currently hooked on TTRPG-themed comics, I've read like 2/3 of Keychain of Creation and I'm starting to read Order of The Stick. If you have any webcomic recommendations, I would love to hear about them!

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