Live by a thousand furs, Die by a thousand cats.

Welcome to my web page!

OK, Bucko. What's this all about?

Hello there, my name is Rocko Fulheart, i'm a graphic design student and this my (long time coming, if you've known me for a while.) webpage.

I have pretty diverse likes but i currently love fighting games (especially skullgirls), ska music, and cat-adjacent characters, but you knew that one.

I'm a native Spanish speaker and i've been studying English since i was a little guy watching Vinesauce Vinny Highlights. Currently i'm studying Japanese at school and a bit of Dutch as a side hobby.

I want this page to be a space where i can put my ramblings on instead of bombarding my friends and family with silly hypotheticals and opinions about decade-old portable RPGS that no sane person should care about. That kinda stuff.

I expect this page to be barren while i make stuff actually worth posting.