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A Blue City
Catgirls With Flashkicks over a Blue City

Creation Ritual Started

Welcome to New Aurora. The floating capital of the dreaming country.

What's this about?

[ Rambling Imminent ]

Catgirls With Flashkicks is a personal hobby page coming to you from the floating city of New Aurora, a place where nostalgic streets meet the mysteriously rich desert-like world below.

A home for my thoughts about random topics like random books I've been meaning to read, the 3ds's RPG library, my personal inside jokes or random facts about worldy mythology so I don't have to torment my poor family with things of that sort.

Expect things to look wacky while i get the hang of styling. (Note: If you've entered this page before and things look weird, try hard refreshing the page.)

Enjoy the placeholder while i get to drawing some stuff for the right side. Now with 200% more round corners! And Comic Mono. As slightly funnier as it is brutalist. New header effect by RV's free Javascript/DHTML effects. A new keyboard has been obtained. There's an ABOUT page now!

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